Game Legends Mammoth-24 #2351 (created 22.09.2015)

Vanilla Features
- TRAIVBXXIV-1886 Reports: Archive: Clickable envelope icon duplication issue. Fixed by feature change. Archived reports can only be deleted from now on. They can't be moved back to the inbox.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1882 Reports: Displayed amount of reports limited to 50000 so that player does not wait on slow pages.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1599 Farm list: When opening the farm list page then instead of opening all farm lists of the currently active village (old behaviour) now only the first farm list of the current village is opened. If you open another farm list, then currently open farm lists close automatically.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1903 Player deletion: optimized inactive player deletion to increase performance.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1942 Overhauled account deletion enabled.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1801 Cron execution order optimized.

Vanilla Bugfixes
- TRAIVBXXIV-1613 Player Profile: Change Name: Wrong popup text when no password is entered. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1832 Rally Point: If you change number of entries per page, it does not apply if you enable a filter. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1453 Quest: Reward: Amount of ointments shown twice. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1744 Quest: Build an embassy: can not be finished without page refresh. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1066 Multilingual: Player invites player doesn't work between different game worlds with same main page. Gold is not given. Fixed. (there are still 2 other bugs about similar problems: TRAIVBXXIV-1430 no link is created, TRAIVBXXIV-1919 data are not updated)
- TRAIVBXXIV-1806 Main Building: Demolish completely button is not centered in popup. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1909 Hero: Adventures: Hero stuck on adventures. Another reason found and fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1831 Reports: Hero: Reinforcing a village with only the hero causes report to show wrong duration. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1861 Embassy: Missing error message when joining an alliance that has no free member slot. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1897 Natars: WW drops suddenly from level X to 0. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1937 Production details: Crop Balance: 'Population and construction orders' value does not include construction orders amount. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1893 Reports: Reports marked as archived are not copied correctly. Fixed.

Scattered Empire Features & Bugfixes
- TRAIVBXXIV-1900 Forwarding: When forwarding just scouts you are able to choose between scouting options. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1889 Cauldron: Text in Main UI box can overflow into button area depending on language. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1913 Cauldron: Prizes of the same type get stacked now so that overview and usability gets improved.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1915 Cauldron: New better more awesome prize icons and animations!
- TRAIVBXXIV-1916 Cauldron: Usage of Cauldron prizes improved by implementing a combined confirmation and "amount to be used" popup.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1950 Cauldron: Resource prize tooltip can show incorrect information. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1956 Cauldron: Reset time for prizes incorrect. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1607 Alliance overview now shows for your own alliance if an alliance member is under attack.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1926 Alliance overview: Foreign alliance description and 3 tabs are missing. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1925 Embassy: text error "gid27.treasuryLowerCase" if you do not have a treasury. Fixed.
- TRAIVBXXIV-1960 Victory Points: Victory Points do not get calculated sometimes because event 73 gets stuck. Fixed. (Workaround by TS is already live.)

Status: approved by QA
* without downtime
07/08.10.2015 -- global