View Full Version : Changelog & Rollout of Game release for Travian Legends Release Smallhorn-4.2 #2522

01-25-2016, 09:32 PM
This release includes the release flintstone. So all tasks fixed in flintstone are fixed in smallhorn as well.

Scattered Empire and normal version


Ad-sales will allow players to watch advertisement videos in-game and in return they will be able to start a building upgrade with a reduced construction time.
It looks like this: In the past there was only one button: "Upgrade this building". In the future there will be another button: "Upgrade this building faster". If the player clicks on it, a video showing an advertisement will pop up. Afterwards the building will appear in the construction loop with a reduced construction time.
Each player can use this feature up to 9 times a day. The construction time is shortened by 25% per video per building. Once a building is in the construction loop, the time can no longer be shortened, apart from the standard Gold account button "Finish immediately".
For further information, please see the document sent by your CSTM.
This feature will be deactivated by default. It will be tested on some gameworlds and activated with an later release for all gameworlds. Please see the rolloutplan below for the test gameworlds.

TRAIVBXXIV-2240 - The tier spawn mechanism was changed from server age and account age to only server age. Should be more fair to new players
TRAIVBXXIV-2297 - The irc chat button was removed
TRAIVBXXIV-2216 - Marketplace: Its now possible to sort trade routes
TRAIVBXXIV-186 - If a capital village with an artifact inside reaches 0 inhabitants, the capital will now change but the village will not be destroyed
TRAIVBXXIV-2341 - The active tab is now collored (not the browser tab)
TRAIVBXXIV-2267 - Alliance: Attacks: the behavior of the report filter was changed

Features - SE only:
TRAIVBXXIV-2286 - the region was added to the results of the crop finder
TRAIVBXXIV-2268 - Only for upcoming SE worlds: The player can only settle in regions which have an adjacent unlocked region

TRAIVBXXIV-321 - IE11: the Picture of the brewery is to small -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-949 - It was possible to Drag&Drop to the payment popup so that the closing button was not reachable anymore -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2255 - If you destroy main village it turns into a natar village -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-1558 - Alliance: Forum link does not work when 'http://' is included in URL -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2280 - Buildings: Residence: Training settlers might switch to wrong tab -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2330 - MiniMap: Red player location dots are displayed incorrectly -> fixed (it can take some hours to see the fixed minimap because it gets regenerated only few times a day)
TRAIVBXXIV-2317 - Statistics: Village 0|0 is displayed several times
TRAIVBXXIV-2232 - Reports: information about conquering and lowering of the loyalty was not displayed if the affected village was a ww villages -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2337 - Combat Simulator: Loyalty is not displayed -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-1057 - Player Profile: Birthday: Invalid birthdates will neither get saved nor have an error message -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2344 - Hero: Bald Hero has small horn -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-1134 - Map: the "send troops" link was displayed twice for sitters while under beginners protection -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-1075 - If the demolish building popup stays open, the automatic refresh of some browsers were starting the demolishing of the next level automatically -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-1103 - Reports: Ally tag brackets in wrong place in some browsers (rtl version only) -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-1320 - Tutorial: the mark for the quest "change the production" was misplaced -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-2338 - The selection of the favored tab was not working for the alliance page -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-928 - Farmlist: "Add raid" popup: to long farm list name could break the layout -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-930 - UI: a long account name could flow out of the hero sign -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-1010 - UI: a long account name could flow out of the alliance sign -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-452 - Rally Point: Send Troops: Input Field: Drag&Drop was usable but with strange results -> fixed
TRAIVBXXIV-977 - Messages: Long subjects have random space after 50th letter -> fixed